Hannah goold is an internationally collected artist based in north west england.

Hannah had an interest in mathematics at school she said she is

“fascinated by the universe and how something so structered and methodical can also be chaotic and unpredictable”

which lead to her studying physics at university. Throughout her career she has used a variety of mediums incluing acrylics, spray paint, and pastels to create landscapes. During her studies, she explored the use of inks.

“It was so refreshing to use a medium that couldn’t be completely controlled. I unbalance the surface to let the ink wind around and build the composition up in layers from there. I use different tools and alter the temperatures of the inks to achieve the details in my work”

Selected exhibitions

Open Art Exhibition, Lancaster Storey Gallery 2019

2 Works Selected by Curated Panel, Liverpool Art Fair, Liverpool 2019

Chesters Art Fair, Chester 2019