The Horizon collection 2019

The nature of my art is guided mostly by the unpredictability of the alcohol inks that I use. I enjoy exploring abstract art as, together with the different textures and ripples left when the inks dry down, everyone interprets the piece in their own way. I have been greatly inspired by the Mersey and the relationship between the sea and the sky. They are both huge expanses of blue, sometimes separated by bodies of land or ships on the horizon. I leave negative space in the centre of these pieces (such as 'Separated by life') to represent a man-made structure dividing the line between the sky and the sea. In the absence of this structure, the sky and the sea are left to intertwine and become a force of nature. I used techniques and colours that I felt represent the movements of water and feelings I get when visiting the promenade of the Mersey in these pieces.

The collection is split into two parts: day and night. The views of the Mersey change drastically after sunset. Greens and blues turn to reds and purples. The collection explores both sides of this theme on different materials. It has both original art and prints.